Equal Opportunity Cell - PWD

Noticeboard: General Notices / Department Circular / Notifications

1. 03/05/2022Meeting NOTICE 05 May 2022
3. 16/09/2021Request for providing Talented Persons with Disabilities from your Organization for Participation International Abilympics Skill Competitions, May 2022,in Moscow, Russia
4. 16/09/2021Application for the award of "Pre Matric, post Matric and Top Class Education Scholarship for Students with Disabilities" for the year 2021-22
5. 05/05/2021WEBINAR: on the topic , Life of a person with disability: Social and Professional Opportunities” 8 May 2021, 11:30 AM
6. 07/04/2021Online Hands-on training on machine Learning with Projects by Eduxlabs for faculty, Research scholars, students & IT Professional
7. 24/01/2021Kindly don't park your vehicles at the space reserved for Person with disabilities, Panjab University
8. 08/01/2021Shri Dorilal Agrawal Scholarship to Meritorious Disabled Students 2020
9. 08/01/2021Subject: Shri Dorilal Agrawal Scholarship to Meritorious Disabled Students 2020
10. 24/09/2020Webinar on "Disability, accessible environment and the state of higher education in India" dated 25 September (Friday) 2020 at 3:00 PM
11. 21/07/2020Parliament Committee Recommendation for PwDs students
12. 02/12/2019Invitation for International Day for Person with Disabilities at PU
13. 14/10/2019MSJE Scholoeshipes for Person with disabilities
14. 12/09/2019Meeting regarding to conduct awareness campaign on Disability from Department to Department in the Campus by the EOC-PWDs, Panjab University, Chandigarh
15. 21/08/2019Proforma for the detail of PWDs Students as Panjab University Chandigarh
16. 05/08/2019Fellowship Instruction and required documents for Visually impaired Students
17. 05/08/2019Fellowship detail along with application form for Visually impaired Students
18. 05/08/2019Fellowship for Visually impaired Students
19. 23/07/2019Circular Fee waiver for Person with disabilities students
20. 29/06/2019Minutes of meeting with teaching/non-teaching staff, students and nominated representatives with disabilities of the Committee constituted for the implementation of RPWD Act, 2016, held on 22.06.2019
21. 27/06/2019Circular Regarding Rules of Admissions for Students with disability
22. 27/06/2019EOC Meeting Notice
23. 15/05/2019Faculty meeting notice on 17th May 2019 at 3:30PM
24. 16/04/2019Requirement of Writers / Scribe
25. 16/04/2019Volunteers required for Equal Opportunity Cell of the Panjab University Chandigarh
26. 06/04/2019Gazette Notification of the Rights of Persons with disabilities Act 2016-reg
27. 02/12/2018"International day for the persons with disability" on Dec. 04, 2018 at 4.00 PM at ICSSR Seminar Hall.
28. 14/10/2018Diabetes-A Rising challenge for the Society by Prof. Anil Bhansali
29. 27/09/2018Typing Test exemption and extra time
30. 05/09/2018Post metric fellowship for PWD students by Director of Higher education Chandigarh
31. 18/05/2018Circular regarding the writer/scribe on May 17, 2018
32. 04/05/2018Regarding the Writer/Scribe for the examinations
33. 03/05/2018Information regarding the accessible departments (ramps, accessible toilets etc)
34. 16/04/2018Information required about Persons with disability Students

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