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Fellowship Instruction and required documents for Visually impaired Students



1. Last date for the submission of the form is 30th September, 2019. 

2. Incomplete or incorrect forms would be rejected so ensure that you have provided all the correct valuable details.


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  Dated: 05/08/2019
1. 16/01/2024Regarding nomination for PwDs student executive committee for 2024
2. 12/12/2023Regarding Accessibility for persons with disabilities in all teaching departments of University
3. 08/12/2023Access Audit of University Campus by Samarthyam India, headed by Dr. Anjlee
4. 01/12/2023International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December 2023
5. 12/09/2023Information regarding Ph.D programme 2023
6. 08/09/2023Regarding umbrella "Scholarship Scheme for Students with Disabilities" effective from 01.04.2023
7. 23/08/2023Regarding data of PwDs students of Panjab University, chandigarh
8. 30/06/2023Help Desk for Persons with Disabilities (Students)
9. 18/04/2023Registration for Skill Competition for Persons with Disabilities
10. 01/03/2023Last date extended for Regarding invitation for member of Student Executive and Volunteer Committee
11. 01/03/2023Last date extended for Registration for Cultural Fest and Sports Event for PwDs in Panjab University.
12. 22/02/2023Regarding invitation for member of Student Executive and Volunteer Committee
13. 22/02/2023Registration for Cultural Fest and Sports Event for PwDs in Panjab University.
14. 20/01/2023Meeting Notice
15. 30/11/2022Celebration of World Disability Day on 02-12-2022.
16. 30/11/2022Meeting Notice regarding Accessibility Survey of PU Campus to build a Barrier Free Environment for Persons with Disabilities
17. 29/11/2022Scholarship programme for Visually Impaired Women by NAB India Centre
18. 25/11/2022Minutes of the meeting held on 23-11-2022, 11:00 AM at AC Joshi Library, PU
19. 10/11/2022Training Programe for Staff and Faculty members on PwDs issues
20. 09/11/2022Minutes of the meeting of 07/11/2022 with PwDs students Regarding the purchase the software and devices in the A.C. Joshi Library at 11:00 AM
21. 09/11/2022Information Regarding the Writer to PwDs students for PU examination
22. 08/11/2022Action taken Report
23. 17/10/2022Request for provide a list of textbooks which you wish to be converted into PDF
24. 16/10/2022Invitation For Audio recordings of textbooks For the Visually Impaired Students
25. 28/08/2022SC/ST Cell & EOC-PwDs, Panjab University, Chandigarh cordially invites you to the Awareness Lecture entitled “Welfare Schemes, Policies and Laws for SC/ST Students”
26. 26/08/2022SC/ST Cell & EoC-PwDs, Panjab University, Chandigarh cordially invites you to the Awareness Lecture entitled “Constitutional and Legal Mechanism for Rights of SC/ST”
27. 26/08/2022Awareness Lecture entitled “The Mahad Satyagraha: The Declaration of the Norm of Equality”
28. 24/08/2022Awareness Lecture on Rights of the persons with disabilities act 2016
29. 03/05/2022Meeting NOTICE 05 May 2022
31. 16/09/2021Request for providing Talented Persons with Disabilities from your Organization for Participation International Abilympics Skill Competitions, May 2022,in Moscow, Russia
32. 16/09/2021Application for the award of "Pre Matric, post Matric and Top Class Education Scholarship for Students with Disabilities" for the year 2021-22
33. 05/05/2021WEBINAR: on the topic , Life of a person with disability: Social and Professional Opportunities” 8 May 2021, 11:30 AM
34. 07/04/2021Online Hands-on training on machine Learning with Projects by Eduxlabs for faculty, Research scholars, students & IT Professional
35. 24/01/2021Kindly don't park your vehicles at the space reserved for Person with disabilities, Panjab University
36. 08/01/2021Shri Dorilal Agrawal Scholarship to Meritorious Disabled Students 2020
37. 08/01/2021Subject: Shri Dorilal Agrawal Scholarship to Meritorious Disabled Students 2020
38. 24/09/2020Webinar on "Disability, accessible environment and the state of higher education in India" dated 25 September (Friday) 2020 at 3:00 PM
39. 21/07/2020Parliament Committee Recommendation for PwDs students
40. 02/12/2019Invitation for International Day for Person with Disabilities at PU
41. 14/10/2019MSJE Scholoeshipes for Person with disabilities
42. 12/09/2019Meeting regarding to conduct awareness campaign on Disability from Department to Department in the Campus by the EOC-PWDs, Panjab University, Chandigarh
43. 21/08/2019Proforma for the detail of PWDs Students as Panjab University Chandigarh
44. 05/08/2019Fellowship detail along with application form for Visually impaired Students
45. 05/08/2019Fellowship for Visually impaired Students
46. 23/07/2019Circular Fee waiver for Person with disabilities students
47. 29/06/2019Minutes of meeting with teaching/non-teaching staff, students and nominated representatives with disabilities of the Committee constituted for the implementation of RPWD Act, 2016, held on 22.06.2019
48. 27/06/2019Circular Regarding Rules of Admissions for Students with disability
49. 27/06/2019EOC Meeting Notice
50. 15/05/2019Faculty meeting notice on 17th May 2019 at 3:30PM
51. 16/04/2019Requirement of Writers / Scribe
52. 16/04/2019Volunteers required for Equal Opportunity Cell of the Panjab University Chandigarh
53. 06/04/2019Gazette Notification of the Rights of Persons with disabilities Act 2016-reg
54. 02/12/2018"International day for the persons with disability" on Dec. 04, 2018 at 4.00 PM at ICSSR Seminar Hall.
55. 14/10/2018Diabetes-A Rising challenge for the Society by Prof. Anil Bhansali
56. 27/09/2018Typing Test exemption and extra time
57. 05/09/2018Post metric fellowship for PWD students by Director of Higher education Chandigarh
58. 18/05/2018Circular regarding the writer/scribe on May 17, 2018
59. 04/05/2018Regarding the Writer/Scribe for the examinations
60. 03/05/2018Information regarding the accessible departments (ramps, accessible toilets etc)
61. 16/04/2018Information required about Persons with disability Students

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